Nexus Radio!

2008-07-20 17:38:54 by Psybot

I want to recomend ppl of a radiostation that i think is really good and could be a good way to get your music played.

By joining Nexus-radio you will be able to get your songs played for a bunch of ppl that gives good critics and have an open mind for new kinds of music.

i hope you will litsen to my advice, even if you not are a producer.
These guys plays all sort of music, so dont think its all techno and trance because of me recomending it.
think of it more as a fun and inspirational way to succeed with whatever you do.

If you join in, Be sure to join the chat. ^^


Nexus Radio


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2008-07-20 17:43:16

ok ill join

Psybot responds:

Cool! ^^


2009-07-02 14:05:16

Funderar på att joina ;)


2009-08-28 14:11:58

I will check it out, thanks Psy.


2009-12-23 15:08:25

Finally a featured artist worth mentioning :)



2009-12-26 20:58:09

about time you r featured. i bet it doesn't mean much to you though with all your epic tracks