Finally i got the vocs!

2007-09-09 02:36:29 by Psybot

in the latest song "Final chance" i am singing for the first time in my songs. i will keep on doing it and train to get better at it.

I am just so anxious to see what ppl think about it =D

Hope you all check it out


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2007-09-19 17:22:48

Awesome Work On That One Keep It Up


2007-09-21 19:56:21

You are fucking awesome and so is your music !!

Love that song and the lyrics !!



2007-10-12 12:36:39

I like Final Chance alot, but Heaven Crie's is still #1. If you would or could make a Remix to it, you'd know how many fans would turn up to see how amazing a revised version of it would be like. I can see it now. -Your Best-



2007-11-01 22:37:04

Well, uh, I think I might go to bed instead of waiting for your feedback. You probably have better things to do than NG, ROFL.

Later Psybot, hopefully I'll get a good long response(s) back from my 2 reviews tomorrow morning.


(Also want to talk about song/game remixes). Later!


2007-11-20 07:38:08

Dude, how are you not pleased with your new song??

No offense, but "Heaven is Open", is.. Yeah... Doesn't do it for me. You may be my favourite artist, but HiO is not a song I'd prefer in comparison to your other's.

I'd really like to write a review for all of your songs, but that would take me longer than I would think, if I wanted them to be detailed...

Well man, sorry.. It's only my opinion, but Heaven is Open SUCKS lol XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!

Delete that shit off your myspace and put Fallen Hero... Also man, take my advice... Make a second version of Heaven Crie's, srsly, people will bow to you and you yourself would be more motivated since H.C.'s is your most popular.


Psybot responds:

ah.. damn sorry dude. i had really forgot about this post. and now when i read your post's im really ashamed that i havent checked in earlier.
i will try from now on to make a remix of heaven cries... but dont get your hopes up. you might get dissapointed =P

but i wont delete heaven is open even tho it sucks XD
hehe, i dont mind get that kind of opinion's from ppl, but still i made that song and i wont neglect it even if its bad.

anyway... thx for writing. i'll get back to you ^^