2008-01-25 22:08:36 by Psybot

I am really curious about what is missing in my songs...
since they appearently arent getting the attention i want.

Are my music/style getting too affected by the fact that i only wanna get popular?
Or am i just not active enough when it comes to advertising?

Another question in the same matter is:
Is there anything i can do to better my work? (of course it is)
I just cant seem to tell by myself what it is.

I am gonna try all of the advice i get. (Not the dumb ones tho =P)

Thx for all the reply's!

(Starting FL Studio)


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2008-01-29 04:43:48

Sometimes it just takes a while to get noticed here on newgrounds but if your a good artist trust me they will pick up on you! Just be patient. You got some good tracks out there from what i've heard. As far as bettering your work we all can do that. We all learn as we go on! =) Just keep on keeping on and you'll be just fine!


Psybot responds:

heh, yeah... this feel like im eating my own words.. this is what i have been telling others.
but i guess i just wanted someone to tell me as well.

thx ^^


2008-01-29 13:23:51

A B0UNC3 mixdown/master + collab.... = popular and good....

Eh that sounded ego but you get what I mean XD


Psybot responds:

lol, hitching a ride with the big guys =P

sounds cool. tho i have gotten a push with "frozen kingdom" ^^

Talk to you later!


2008-02-07 22:19:05

haha im basically in the same situation as you, though im kinda screwed--i dont make music on a regular basis anymore... sooo yeah im probably not going to go anywhere far here, how sad :(

it seems like the most known people are 1) the really good artists, 2) the forum trolls and overzealous reviewers, 3) the flat-out lucky, 4) the cliched. thats how i see it.


2008-02-10 00:56:20

Hey dude. So your in the SOTY contest too. Fun times. Good luck to you and wish me luck too.

BTW your stuff is good.
Bye for now

Psybot responds:

aye good luck ^^


2008-02-16 02:09:50

I cant see why your not popular, i like your work. In fact you on my fav Artists list just under Envy and B0UNC3. Even if you dnt get popular on NG plz keep posting your music for thoes of us who here it.

Psybot responds:

ok, thx for letting me know ^^

i will keep pposting my tunes here for sure.


2008-02-18 17:44:17

More Lyrics

Psybot responds:

well, im working on it. =P

but there will be more lyrics in the future =)


2008-03-03 10:58:03

no offence but evryone wants to be populair. you just have to stand out. make some uniqeu music maybe less commercial sound ( im not saying that they are )
since you sing yourself thats a positive thing ( atleast i think so lol! )

Psybot responds:

haha! i hope the singing is a positive thing to XD
but i will get good at it one day im sure. but until then i have to make some crappy tunes to try it out.

and this entry feels a little old right now.
my inspiration is coming back to me, now that i have new thing to work with.




2008-03-05 14:34:31

honestly the direction you've been going with some of your more recent songs like frozen kingdom and forsaken star to me are a sign of good things to come. It reminds me of your early works such as Rumble and Focus, both of which are very high on my all time listened to list (but not nearly as high as your song A Machine's life).

Keep on doing what you've been doing, because like fine wine, the good stuff takes time and patience, and sooner or later you're gonna be at the top of the portal, where I beleive you belong.

Keep up the great songs, because I'm still here and listening to your songs, and everytime you release new material you can bet I'll be all over it. :D

Anyways, its time for this crazy reviewer to go listen to some more Psybot beats. Hahaha

Cheers buddy,


2008-03-05 14:37:23

p.s. even if you don't add your own lyrics to the songs, I like the lyrics you added to focus, with the robotic sounding voices. it helped break up certain portions of the song, and allowed you to smoothly transition from one type of beat to a slightly different one. Thats the only other thing I can think of for now. but definetly, the occassional lyric here or there if used properly (like in Focus) can go a long way and help break segments of the song up.


2008-03-05 18:51:40

Don't we all. haha
Hell, I think your popular, I remember when I first joined NewGrounds and listened to your music. I was blown away.

Your songs..humm. I don't know what it is, it's just been really hard lately to become popular. There are so many new people on NewGrounds trying to get their names out, it's hard to do anything.
Chin up man, your music is amazing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I know for a fact that with the lyrics your spitting out and the crazy beats you've got going on, you're going to get the recognition you deserve!
Keep up the good fight dude, I'm pulling for ya!
-TMM43 (DJ-Pinke)

Psybot responds:

Thx man, i will continue to fight.
but i wont get upset about it anymore, im gonna keep on doing music but without feeling any pressure from the fact that i want to get more popular.

Thx guys.