2013-03-04 18:06:22 by Psybot

Hallo dudes and dudettes!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to update my thoughts and works as they are at the moment.

I am currently not working at any new song to upload here on NG
On the otherhand i am working on music to upload on youtube.
Me and my girlfriend has started a channel called "Forarsamandi" and we make covers and a few remixes.
Tune in and check it out. The latest song is She's got the look, and it is a DnB remix of the original song with the same name.
If you have heard of Roxette, and found them pretty good, you might wanna check it out. =)

I have also begune to upload songs on "Beatport" and though i have only uploaded one song yet i dont think of it as a permanent transition for me, from NG to Beatport, i was thinking of that the music i upload there still will be available for download here and the songs on beatport is for donations if someone like to help me on my way to greater music and higher quality stuff. =)

Hope you all still tune in to my channel as well as my NG acc now and then to check out the latest of my work.
I love you all who still find me and my music inspirational and i hope you will continue to urge for more of my tunes! =)

Take care all!



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2013-06-16 15:55:37

I've been listening to your old music from around 2011 or earlier, and then I got the idea to search ''Psybot'' and then I find your NG account, and FINALLY :D

Can you link the youtube channel btw, and any other site you hang around and upload music. Because you're such a legend to me. Made an account just to write this :)


2014-02-18 15:17:51

HI Psybot,

You should upload your music on Spotify.

I started listening to your music around 2010 and I think it's great. :)

I searched 'Psybot' on Spotify, and there were no results.

Also made an account just to write this. :)

Psybot responds:

That would be really cool =D but i think its a bit more complicated than that.

And i dont think they see any profit in my music =P


2014-02-21 14:27:41

Alright :)


2015-03-13 03:33:25

Miss seeing you around! Big fan of your stuff since 06' and earlier. Cheers.


2015-03-25 21:27:32


Your 660 somethin fans are waiting for some more material. You have a lot of talent and opportunity. Your music inspired many people out there and I think you should continue using newgrounds.

If you think youtube is a better option then so be it.

I just suggest that you put some more material for our newgrounds vets.

Thx, bullet6113


2015-12-14 23:55:08

Checking back in. Still sad you're not here. You were a lot of the reason I started producing!


2015-12-14 23:57:12

Oh, what is this? A new song? :0 Yes!