Entry #1

I aint quitting

2007-07-28 18:30:08 by Psybot

I am fully aware of that my latest song arent "all that" as i would like them to be.

but as a matter of fact, i am gonna make more songs.. they maybe worse but they might get better with time. i am having a serious inspiration loss and am gonn try and mix my voice in a near future.

I am glad to have fans on this site and thats the biggest reason to why i cant leave.

//Psybotronicle Waste\\


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2007-07-29 21:21:55

good, A while back you said that you may very well leave, It's good to hears that you're here to stay. keep up the great work man


2007-07-31 22:19:03

I second Prefanatic's post. - You can Never leave Psybot! You're MY god, you have the best music ever! And that's being compared with everyone in the Audio Portal and the Techno Genre. Your songs makes me so happy in a spiritual aspect, especially when I listen too Heaven Crie's. =) I fricken' idolize you as my favorite Artist and Composer, so you can't ever give up or walk away until you perish.

I remember when I was just getting into Techno again for 5 years time, and in 2005, I happened to stumble upon Newgrounds AP.. I was new to the site, so I didn't know much about the music in it~ But the first song I found was Heaven Crie's, by Psybotronicle Waste. And until that day, I've been listening to it~ In fact I am right now, but by the time you decide to even read this message, I'll probably be listening to First Level, or Sancturary of Flowers..

Anyway's besides that... Like I said, you can never leave~ Hope you DO read this eventually :)
Your #1 Fan/// Matt M.

P.S.: Hoping in a few month's I'll pick up the latest FL.. I know it's not the same you use, but that would be like copying wouldn't it? Anyway, I wan't to compose like you, my friend.

Psybot responds:

Its really flattering to read this comment, i never thought i could make such an impression on another human being. =)

I love to get this sorts of comments, it makes me want to show you more of what i've got.

Thx alot =D

//Psybotronicle Waste\\


2007-09-06 18:59:17

Dude, you rock, everyone hits a spot of their music career where some of the stuff may not be as good as some of your other work, but you've got the skills to make good music, so eventually you'll get back to where you want to be.

keep up the work man, I'm looking forward to your next batch of music, because you simply rock. Easily and without a doubt my favorite techno artist, both inside and outside of newgrounds.

cheers mate

Psybot responds:

Thx m8, it means alot to me =)

i am working hard on the music right now. i am not spitting out as many as i did year 2005.
it was alot going on that year and had alot of time gathering inspiration and ideas.

Thx again for your comment!

//Psybotronicle Waste\\