100 users with me as one of their favorite

2008-03-09 19:19:17 by Psybot

I want to thank you all who listens to my songs and making them one of your favorite.
Tho its just so simple to click that link, it mean alot to me.
it means that you guys like what im doing, and because of that i will never stop.

As long as you guys are happy then i am happy!

Once again, thank you!



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2008-03-10 23:30:19

what link?? and ur sangs? do u mean songs by any chance lol and thats good to no if we are happy u are happy not that i care about a typo it could just reasult in confusion and fewer comments and stuff i got like 40 more submissions to review so yea. off i go to review.. lol

Psybot responds:

haha, i edited the writing error now.
heh XD


2008-03-10 23:43:44

whoops im stupid so me days i entirely missed the fact that theres entry #'s cant beleave that


2008-03-11 07:07:10

Glad to see you hit that 100 user milestone! Its always a great feeling to see that people appreciate you and what you're doing.

Keep up the great job man, because your tracks are among the best on Newgrounds.

Cheers buddy,
-CI89, the ever rampagin' CrAzY ReViEwEr!!!


2008-03-12 02:16:11

nice man... ur on my favourites list. I think i have 251 users who have me as their favourite artist ;p Not that its a competition or anything hehe

Psybot responds:

haha, cool.

doesnt matter if its much or not, its still a milestone for me ^^


2008-03-12 02:41:43

LoL wer here to support u all they way! =]


2008-03-12 08:49:48

I guess a lot of other people loves your songs :p
They just don't click, look at me, I've noticed you when you were on the Techno front page 3 years ago with XsToRmEr1 and Dimrain47, but I didn't add anyone :o I was too young(12) to think about it.
And a few others may have never noticed the favorite thing lol :p
Good luck with your other songs, everyone will support you, and even more now since you are gonna be on the front page Top 5 for a week :p
Good luck for your next songs and maybe the 200 milestone? :D


2008-03-12 17:30:59

Just noticed your song Heaven cries 2008 not only got Weekly 3rd, but made it on the front page! :D Congrats (and for being favorited by 100 users, too ;D) and keep it up. :)


2008-03-12 18:23:52

Can you please send me some of your best songs, PPLLEEAASSEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Psybot responds:

uhm, download them on the site?


2008-03-12 21:43:30

Way to go Psybot. So nice to see that your no longer in that bad funk from entry #3. And congrats on how the Heaven Cries remix, so much better the the orignal I think. Good luck with your futher songs.


2008-03-13 17:57:13

i'm not happy....

nah jk....


2008-03-19 17:04:34

Awesome music dude. Keep up the great work!


2008-03-25 07:43:50

i think your awsome i love dance awsome tunes


2008-03-29 04:53:06

I love you music! :D You are in my favorite. :D


2008-04-09 18:12:58

Happy to be one of them :)


2008-04-09 19:02:24

dude.youre work is amazing.clicking on the fav button means alot to you but by god you earn it. absolutley amazing congratz =)


2008-04-09 21:13:11

Your music is great. I would give any song of yours lower then a 4. Make more ambient songs :)


2008-05-10 14:46:37

You are truly the one i look up to for advice nice work on your music man. I can really tell that you put heart and soul into each of your songs


2008-07-05 11:05:07



2008-07-09 06:31:24

You deserve more! =D.


2008-07-16 17:23:37

:O Swedish???

Psybot responds:

yeah!!! =P


2010-12-16 18:09:56

Thank you for making us all happy with your uplifting inspiring songs!
Keep up the good work!