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Ebullience (Original Mix) Ebullience (Original Mix)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A really nice vibe to this track! A melody and harmony that I love!

The good work! Could use a bit more presence on the beat though. Love it!

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Mich responds:

Thank you! I do agree, the kick doesn't cut too well through the mix, I'll need to work on that in next pieces.

Thanks for the review!

Naim - Progression Naim - Progression

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Starting to listen to the song i hear there is great quality to the track, it gets me curious.
Continuing to the first drop i hear that lovely square lead, i love square sounds and this is a nice melody!
Got really surprised, in a good way, when the rhythm changed.
The kick could be more present and all of a sudden the song ended!

Overall: nice use of sounds and mixing. Maybe a bit to much sidechaining in my opinion but this is art, and there may be a lot of others that will enjoy that.
Good job!

But... I want to hear a longer version, this is an appetizer ;)

Holy Crappuccino! Holy Crappuccino!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The evil to reassuring vibes that this track gives me is fantastic!
This is why I love music so much. That a mixture of certain sounds can bring the listener to another state of mind in an instant.
I do not regret letting these "bizarre" and menacing sounds into my ears, because the reassuring parts of the track makes it so satisfying to listen to.
Great work!

Danque Danque

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really damn good! Was surprised that it is in the house category but that does not change the fact that the amount of awesome that is pushed out of my speakers is at max!
Great work!

Check out my music as well if you like.

Zone 9 - Corvalt's Village Zone 9 - Corvalt's Village

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I have listened to all of the tracks because I wanted to know if they all are in the same style.
So I'm gonna try and review all at once.

Listening to them makes me feel that it will be a action packed game since all of them is fast paced. So there is never a safe zone... yet. I guess that there are more zones.

The overall problem i felt with the songs where the clap, it makes me feel the fl studio too much. But that is a matter of taste I guess.
Then there is the melodies, they seem very random but in tune. It gets hard to remember the melodies and it's hard to listen to.

But the good part is that they have a good tune and the potential to give the listener a enhanced feeling to the game play, whatever kind of game it is.
It feels pixelated :)

Hope to hear more about the game and a great story to it.

Keep it up and good luck!

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DreyLand responds:

first I want to say you a big thanks for this review! (It really help me to improve and this is what I want!)
You are 100% true :) Indeed, this game is an action/platformer "retro" 2D. I understand what you are saying about the clap and I think you're right, all songs I post here is completed at 80% (The only 20% is for new instruments I'll use for the final version of the game, and the clap too will be change at this time).
The game will have a lot of zones and secrets zones hide everywhere in the whole game and there are no safety place, you're right one more time ^^ (I'm glad to see people who can understand my work and the message I want to bring, that's make me happy :p)

I don't feel that the melody is so "random", I tried to do a "Celtic/Folk" style mixed with Rock sound for the Boss theme, and Orchestral/Electro for the main zones theme. It's really difficult to explain, but I hope you understand me. I really want this game to be original :)

Besides, I want the player that he understand just by listening to the music that he is progressing in the game, I want it to know that the game is going harder and harder until the last boss fight.

Just for information, the Game Design is already created, the programming is in progress and the story is already created too :) I really want to fulfill my dream of the DreyLand project, and I am really happy to see people who is interested in it too.

So, thank you (a new time, to spend your free time to reviews the all tracks), I take what you said me in consideration, I'll do my best! Thanks a lot! :)

Lonely Lonely

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I am gonna review the songs technical bits, as sounds and effects.

The sounds are really basic. If I am not mistaken I can hear 3xosc vsti in there?
The sounds could really use some more depth and chorus because otherwise it gets kinda boring to listen to.
I would love to hear some more punch in the kick, some fills and crashes.
There is no buildup or such.

There is alot of ways of learning fl studio, I have used it several years now, on and off, and a great help to me has been watching other musicians show how they work.

Look up vayhoz on YouTube. He has great "how to" videos that you can learn tons of ways to improve your sound.

Keep it up!

PixelEaterMusic responds:

well first I wanna say that I appreciate your review, the kick being quiter than the rest of the song was intentional, and I use ableton :) I will agree with the depth, I probably could've added some more layers somewhere. But I'm not sure what you mean by "chorus) (unless you were talking about more layers)

EnV - Dynasty EnV - Dynasty

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great song! Love the sounds! What program and vst are you using? Would love to learn how to make the sounds sound this professional in my songs.

Keep it up!

Xtrullor - Chemical Rage Xtrullor - Chemical Rage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn! I really see why this is on the monthly!

For those who say that they can't follow the rythm, listen to more dubstep. The snare is the heart of the beat.
It's like listening to the song breathing in and out.

I love it! And I wish I could make this kind of mixing and mastering to get every single sound this clear and solid.

Great work!

Check out my latest if you'd like. Teach me master :P

Deceiving Death Deceiving Death

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Really like this style! lot of stuff happening, and i like that.
As long as its not to much going on there is new things that you can focus on every time you hear the track.

love the punch on the kick and the snare!

keep it up!

Be sure to look up my latest track aswell ^^

BlastBeats responds:

This comment makes me feel good. Thanks a lot! I'll check it out

Kzon - Lemon Injection Kzon - Lemon Injection

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice bro!

I really like this one!
Only.. two things:
An open hihat between the kicks and a smashier clap.
it will make the beat smoother and easier to litsen too =D

And a final advice to your forthcoming songs, because i know you will spit out alot of these kinds of great songs.

Save the file in "leave reminder" the wont make the song die suddenly but make the sounds die out as they do.
or leave an empty pattern just a few seconds after the final note, thats what i do =)

Great job dude! Hope to hear more from you!


Karlssonffs responds:

Thanx dear sir!

I will suck that information up.... that doesnt sound right at all.
I will truly listen to your advice, and I too noticed the fast replay and was wondering
how to fix the issue.

Im sure you will, sooner than you might think! =D