New tune!

2017-01-25 16:21:59 by Psybot

Hi guys! 

I have uploaded another song, did it last night ^^

Would love to hear your comments about it!

Plus! im trying to get my songs uploaded onto spotify, so be sure to check it out later =)



Just got my music onto spotify, itunes and google play! check it out if you feel like you want to support me in my dream towards becoming a proffessional producer ^^



Back and forth!

2016-07-13 17:14:10 by Psybot

Yo guys! 


I know its really back and forth with my newgrounds update and that is because i have a reallyu hard time to find the time.

i have gotten a real burst of energy and motivation right now, and i am gonna make the best of it!


This latest song i have uploaded is sic! =P i hope that you enjoy it as much as i do.


I am not gonna say "stay tuned" because that will probably pressure me more and i just want to have fun and make some sweet music!




2013-03-04 18:06:22 by Psybot

Hallo dudes and dudettes!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to update my thoughts and works as they are at the moment.

I am currently not working at any new song to upload here on NG
On the otherhand i am working on music to upload on youtube.
Me and my girlfriend has started a channel called "Forarsamandi" and we make covers and a few remixes.
Tune in and check it out. The latest song is She's got the look, and it is a DnB remix of the original song with the same name.
If you have heard of Roxette, and found them pretty good, you might wanna check it out. =)

I have also begune to upload songs on "Beatport" and though i have only uploaded one song yet i dont think of it as a permanent transition for me, from NG to Beatport, i was thinking of that the music i upload there still will be available for download here and the songs on beatport is for donations if someone like to help me on my way to greater music and higher quality stuff. =)

Hope you all still tune in to my channel as well as my NG acc now and then to check out the latest of my work.
I love you all who still find me and my music inspirational and i hope you will continue to urge for more of my tunes! =)

Take care all!


My type of genre?

2012-07-12 20:29:11 by Psybot

Talking about making mixed music... nut i guess that is just healthy for me =P
Last song dubstepish and this next one im having for you is more to the house genre.

Just keep your eyes open, i think i will have it up in a matter of hours ^^



2011-07-24 12:15:26 by Psybot

You gotta look out for this dude in the future!

He will make really great songs, just check this one out! /435175

Nexus Radio!

2008-07-20 17:38:54 by Psybot

I want to recomend ppl of a radiostation that i think is really good and could be a good way to get your music played.

By joining Nexus-radio you will be able to get your songs played for a bunch of ppl that gives good critics and have an open mind for new kinds of music.

i hope you will litsen to my advice, even if you not are a producer.
These guys plays all sort of music, so dont think its all techno and trance because of me recomending it.
think of it more as a fun and inspirational way to succeed with whatever you do.

If you join in, Be sure to join the chat. ^^


Nexus Radio

100 users with me as one of their favorite

2008-03-09 19:19:17 by Psybot

I want to thank you all who listens to my songs and making them one of your favorite.
Tho its just so simple to click that link, it mean alot to me.
it means that you guys like what im doing, and because of that i will never stop.

As long as you guys are happy then i am happy!

Once again, thank you!



2008-01-25 22:08:36 by Psybot

I am really curious about what is missing in my songs...
since they appearently arent getting the attention i want.

Are my music/style getting too affected by the fact that i only wanna get popular?
Or am i just not active enough when it comes to advertising?

Another question in the same matter is:
Is there anything i can do to better my work? (of course it is)
I just cant seem to tell by myself what it is.

I am gonna try all of the advice i get. (Not the dumb ones tho =P)

Thx for all the reply's!

(Starting FL Studio)

Finally i got the vocs!

2007-09-09 02:36:29 by Psybot

in the latest song "Final chance" i am singing for the first time in my songs. i will keep on doing it and train to get better at it.

I am just so anxious to see what ppl think about it =D

Hope you all check it out

I aint quitting

2007-07-28 18:30:08 by Psybot

I am fully aware of that my latest song arent "all that" as i would like them to be.

but as a matter of fact, i am gonna make more songs.. they maybe worse but they might get better with time. i am having a serious inspiration loss and am gonn try and mix my voice in a near future.

I am glad to have fans on this site and thats the biggest reason to why i cant leave.

//Psybotronicle Waste\\